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Why Counselling

Need for Counselling

According to Divya, the world is undergoing a radical transformation with many new-age career options that is very different from the conventional careers of the current day. Given the technological advancements, in all probabilities, it is very likely that many jobs that exist today will become redundant in the near future. It is therefore crucial that we as responsible adults provide necessary guidance and awareness for the younger generation to make noteworthy career decisions.

Divya believes that if one who has a desire as well as a direction to create and explore the opportunities for a successful career and living, you, success and happiness are easier to achieve and experience.

Counseling is an indispensible process…………….


Counseling is a personalized way of Expression, Interaction, Communication and Discussion leading to Self-realization and better Understanding with a broader and developed Outlook. It enables us to explore and get the following answers at first:

Who am I?
What is my role?
How can I contribute?
How the Mind works?
How can I remove Mind-illusions?
How can I refine my thoughts?