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About Us

About Career Mates

The organization spearheaded by Divya provides a holistic approach to counseling, catering to all strata of society, chiefly to those who have high aspirations but limited access to information. Career Mates will provide personal, educational and career counseling services to its clients.

Who should connect to Careermates.com:

1. All, who want happiness and meaningful changes in their lives.
2. Students of class X, XII, Graduation (Engineering / Non-Engineering), Post Graduation (Engineering / Non-Engineering) and all individuals who are in the phase of career building and decision making.
3. Teachers and Trainers for their class effectiveness.
4. Business leaders to create happier workplaces.
5. Wonderful volunteers for holding events, motivational sessions and seminars.
6. Academicians and Corporate functionaries for running area-specific FDPs, workshops and courses.
7. Individuals in stress or dilemma at any stage of life.

Services that careermates.com provides:


• Assessing and Diagnosing child and adolescent behavior: Exploring Emotions in tiny tots.
• Loving Children Without Spoiling them
• Management Strategies for dealing with Problem Behavior
• Depression and Anxiety in children.
• School behaviour problems and school avoidance.
• Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: assessment and treatment for children.


• Parenting Skills: Parent effectiveness training.
• Assessing and Diagnosing Adult behavior and emotional problems.
• Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: assessment and treatment for adults.
• Depression and Anxiety in adults.


• Educational and Professional development/ fulfilling your potential.
• Subject guidance by the experts:
        • Chemistry/Maths/Physics
        • Education/Psychology
        • Project writing
        • English Grammar / Verbal Ability
• Planning and Goal Setting
• Human Perceptions: Understanding People, perceptions, attitudes and personality types
• Aiming for Excellence: Developing Potential and Self Actualization, Need Achievement and Spiritual Intelligence
• Habits guiding principles: Developing good habits and breaking bad habits
• Developing Self Esteem: Attitude & Behavior
• Self Development & Self Management: Building Self Confidence
• Conflict Resolution & Interpersonal Skills
• Communication Skills
• Interview Skills/Presentation Skills/Debating Skills/Resume Writing/Telephone etiquettes
• Career guidance and tips for career enhancement


• Divorce and Separation.
• Relationship Problems.
• Family therapy
• Death, loss and bereavement including child grief, family grief and complicated grief.
• Persons struggling with faith and spiritual issues.
• Stress Management.
• Work life balance, home life balance and life enjoyment in the present moment.
• Wealth Therapy


• Professional Development for Trainers and Teachers
• Seminars and Workshops for Institution heads
• Orientation Programs for Parents
• X and XII Std students career profiling
• Examination skills
• Study skills
• Life Skills
• Leadership Skills
• IQ, EQ, Personality, Aptitude testing and Counseling
• Programs for Personal, Interpersonal and social skills development
• Problem Solving and Decision making Skills
• Stress Management
• Personality Development Programs
• Career Seminars

The website www.careermates.in is the perfect platform for young students, dynamic teachers, life skill coaches, business professionals, career counselors, hard & soft skills trainers to explore the various work / career avenues that are listed on the website with elaborate details of the options an individual can have. It showcases all the conventional and non-conventional career options for the students and provides clarity as to what competencies are required for what careers and illustrates available career options in a creative yet informative manner.